If you’re like most of the women in the world, you struggle with finding the perfect shade of foundation for your skin. You try and test it on the back of your hand, dab a tester on your cheek, or even ask a beauty consultant to help you—but it still seems a bit off, right? Sephora and Pantone have partnered to make sure that this never happens again.

The Pantone Color Institute has researched and catalogued 110 skin tones to build a “Color IQ” library to determine official Pantone skin colors. A color-matching handheld device is used to take a picture of your skin in pitch darkness, which allows the tool to eliminate variables that often distort shade selections. The device will determine your Color IQ, and from there, a consultant will be able to tell you exactly which products are available in your scientifically precise color.

Visit www.sephora.com to find your local Sephora and let them make finding your perfect foundation easier than it’s ever been!