Southern women love personalization. We like to admire our monograms and tweak pretty much everything we own to make it a little more “us.” Bow & Drape gets that. The company specializes in making garments to fit anyone’s style and preference. It’s all about pairing classic pieces with modern touches in a way that is personal to you. We recently became familiar with Bow & Drape via an InStyle article and have been hooked ever since. The brand’s dedication to perfecting customization is obvious in everything they create. We love the idea of personalizing garments that we could have in our fashion arsenal for years to come. Some of our favorites from Bow & Drape are the Bijoux Blazer, the Billie Sweatshirt and the Perfect Riding Pant (along with everything else). The styles are so effortlessly pulled together that the idea of customizing the fabric and trim is just the icing on the cake. If you’re into tweaking your chic as much as we are, you definitely won’t be sorry you checked them out.

The Perfect Riding Pant, $78;

The Victoria, $98;

The Florence, $388;

The Billie Sweatshirt, $88;

Bijoux Blazer, $298;